Group Coaching Membership

As you build your business,

do you ever feel like...

  • You know the action to take,

    but you need accountability to get it done? 

  • You have a great business "tribe,"

    but you still feel alone as a God-centered entrepreneur? 

  • You feel like sometimes you need to hold back on sharing your faith,  

    because you've been told it may turn people off or your tribe doesn't quite get it?

  • You're not sure if some of the coaching, mentorship and training you've had aligns with your faith and values?

As we pursue success God's way, we face challenges like... 

  • Holding ourselves accountable to working His way day in and day out.

  • Feeling isolated as enemy uses this to disrupt the impact God designed us to make.

  • Lacking focus as the enemy seeks to get us drifting in distraction, deception, discontentment and doubt. 

  • Finding a place to share our ideas, celebrations and challenges with others on a similar journey (beyond our business associates) 

And we can't do it alone.

God never meant for us to do it alone.

He made us for community.


Community keeps us accountable.


Community supports belonging.


Community helps us stay focused, consistent and committed.


Community provides a safe space for learning from and sharing with others. 

Rooted Membership

will give you:

  • Accountability

    from women of faith on the same journey building thriving businesses!

  • Belonging

    in a safe environment for celebrating success and conquering challenges together!

  • Connection

    in a structured group coaching community to help you stay focused!

  • Discernment

    of God's wisdom through group coaching, incredible guest speakers, and community members! 

Enrollment only opens twice a year.


Imagine what God can do in and through your business when you join us TODAY!

What our members say:

Here's what our members say: 


Group Coaching Membership

You teaching us that God is our business partner is one of the deepest revelations!


Tia P.

I am excited to be part of Rooted because I need a tribe that will hold me accountable to balance my faith and work. 


Lori S.

...because of Rooted, I am more engaged in my prayer life than previously. 


Peg D.

I'm Erin, your Faith-in-Biz Coach and guide for your ROOTED journey!

I created the ROOTED Membership to fill the gap I see for us women of faith in business. We need accountability, belonging, connection and discernment...because pursuing success God's way looks different than the world's way, and we need a community to keep us ROOTED in His purpose for our business!

Erin Harrigan

Your Faith-in-Biz Coach

Don't miss this opportunity to join us! Enrollment won't open again for 6 months - imagine what God will do in and through your business in that time with a community to support you!