Hustle with Heart Course

7 Weeks to Pursuing Success God's Way

Any of these keeping you up at night?

  • I'm overwhelmed by the expectation to do more, push harder, and control everything.

  • I'm unfulfilled despite what I've accomplished because no matter the level, it’s never enough

  • I feel trapped in a vicious cycle of driving, striving and hustle. 

  • I believe God has a purpose for my business, but I struggle with the clarity, consistency and commitment it takes to grow my business.

        There IS a better way:


        GOD'S WAY


        And, it's the BEST way!

         This course will show you how to build a thriving business by pursuing success God's way,

        and the transformation will take your business to new levels! 

        Transformation you can expect from the course:

        • Break free from the world's definition of success!

          Identify how this holds you back, and how pursuing success God's way sets you free!

        • Unchain your identity from what you achieve (or think you don't)!

          Identify where your identity has been tethered and how to anchor it in God for your business

        • Release yourself from the trap of self-reliance!

          And learn to leverage the power of making God your business partner!

        • Detach yourself from the expectations to push harder, do more and control everything!

          Identify the root of these mantras in your business, and learn how to Hustle with Heart for lasting results and impact!

        • Clear the fog of distraction, discontent and doubt

          And move forward with clarity, consistency and commitment to His purpose for your business!

        Based on my book,

        Pursuing Success God's Way:

        A Practical Guide to Hustle with Heart


        This course will bring the Hustle with Heart principles to life in a 7-week live zoom series designed to help build a thriving business by pursuing success God's way!



        Gain PRIORITY ACCESS and more!

        Here's what course alumnae say:

        I recently participated in the Hustle with Heart Academy. This 7 week course was amazing, engaging and inspiring. We learned so much, and actually it ended too soon. I’m ready to read the book a second time and implement the principles that are outlined.

        Elerie Thomas

        Independent Director with Damsel in Defense

        I am so thankful that Erin

        followed God's direction to design this course. I learned so much about myself using the tools that she introduced. And now I have tools to help me work through (challenges)! 

        Jonna Atkinson

        Federal Government Supervisor and Arbonne Independent Consultant

        I truly loved the Hustle with Heart seminar using the book Pursuing Success God's Way. I still read excerpts to heighten my awareness of letting God lead me. As you said today....listening to God first and then truly listening to others will take us to higher levels of service in our lives and in our businesses! 

        Darlene Bruce

        Arbonne Independent Consultant

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