If you feel like this

about the Lord in your life,

but you're not sure how to

do the same in your business,

join the Challenge!

5-Day Faith-in-Biz Challenge

May 10-14, 2021

Do any of these thoughts keep you up at night?

  • I'm overwhelmed by the expectations to do more, push harder and control everything! 

  • I believe God has a purpose for my business, but sometimes it's hard to surrender and let Him lead.  

  • As I experience success, it sometimes feels like faith and business are supposed to be kept separate, like church and state.

  • I've been told to be careful how forward I am with my faith because it can turn people off and limit my reach, and that's bad for business. 

There IS a better way to pursue success:


What if 5 days could shift your definition of success and teach you to pursue it His way?



Join the

5-Day Faith-in-Biz Challenge!

May 10-14, 2021

Here's what you'll gain that will propel your business to new heights for His glory:

  • Clarity that bridging faith & business is not only possible, it's God's design!

    And know that you're not alone doing it! 

  • Recognize who's running your business (is it the world or God?)

    And learn the daily choices necessary for Kingdom impact! 

  • Practical steps for how to pursue success God's way! 

    That you can put into action now for immediate impact!

  • The list of road hazards to expect (because Jesus said we'd have trouble). 

    And how to embrace and overcome them!

So, you may be thinking: who am I to guide you in this challenge?

Frankly, I've lived it and I've seen the power of making God my business partner, and helped countless others do the same.


Let my hindsight be your foresight!


I'm Erin, and as a life long driver, striver and achievement-chaser, I remember the day I hit the successful-yet-something-missing wall as an entrepreneur. It seemed no matter how hard I worked, how much I did, how many hours I put in it, my business was not progressing. As distraction, discontentment, and doubt took over, I thought:

  • I’m not doing enough.
  • I don’t want it badly enough.
  • I’m not “all in.”
  • My negative thoughts must be creating poor results.

I was wrong. It was none of those things. 


These lies are just what the enemy wants us to believe, as he seeks to interfere with God’s purpose for us.


The issue was me being overwhelmed with self-reliance and not leaving room for God to do His work in and through me. At what I thought was rock bottom in my business, I could only look up – and there I found Jesus.


And that changed everything. 


As I began pursuing success God’s way, with the Bible as my roadmap, there didn’t seem to be anyone to guide me, and trust me, I needed guidance! That’s when I felt God’s nudge: if I needed guidance, there were other women like me needed it too. This challenge is tailor made for women like me and you!

What clients say...

              You teaching us that God is our business partner is the deepest revelation.

              Rooted Group Coaching Member

              I can say with confidence that, thanks to Erin's coaching, for the first time in five years, I am running a God-centered business!

              Private Coaching Client

              By gleaning from (Erin's) insights, you will undoubtedly gain clarity on how God desires you to have a successful business, for your reward and for His Glory.

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              The 5-Day Faith-in-Biz Challenge includes:

              • Daily live training on Zoom

              • Workbook to apply your learning 

              • Private FB community exclusively for the challenge week, including live stream of training

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